Lessons Learned

A place to share some of the valuable lessons that we have come to understand as truths over the course of being new parents. We only settled on starting this page after Ezra turned 17 months old so it will focus on these times instead of the earlier ones…we’ll update it has we have figured something out for the first time, or was reminded for the ump-teenth time yet finally got it through our thick skulls. Just so you don’t have to keep checking in here, we will throw a post up on the main blog to let you know something has been added.

1 – Turns out that there isn’t as much time in the day as originally advertised. Yet somehow the night is a lot longer than planned.

2 – Clean diapers are apparently more comfortable to poop in than two-hour old diapers.

3 – Sometimes the combination of a TV and a pacifier can be your friend.

4 – Don’t confuse this with a lesson to be learned a number of years down the road, but: sometimes ‘no’ means ‘no’ and sometimes ‘no’ means ‘yes’ and sometimes we just say ‘no’ to do it.

5 – The cool ’70 Piece Mega-Block Set’ is less about 70 pieces to play with, then about 70 pieces to clean up.

6 – The skill of climbing is somehow passed on through mostly-sleepy pets. Otherwise, we have no idea how he learned to stand on top of his firetruck and try to get the DVD player to display Elmo.

7 – Library books will become surprisingly integrated into your child’s book collection.

8 – If 2 year-olds were fined the same as professional football players for head-to-head hits, they would find themselves in a lifetime of insurmountable debt.


  1. Kjerstin says:

    Very cool! Oren, you are always on the cutting edge of technology!

  2. Hey Oren, love the site! I’ll be sure to come here as often as I can remember, I am getting older so my memory isn’t so good. Anyway, keep up the posts, gotta love those fuzzi bunz.


  3. Dear Mrs. Briese and family,
    I am so sad and sorry to hear about Liam. I hope that he is ok and gets better soon.
    Love Tatum

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