Last Day Of The Season?

I dunno, but it was good skiing! I went up to Arapahoe Basin yesterday to make some turns and grab a mug. Yup, 40 days of skiing this year…maybe one or two more on the way. Biggest problem? No cell phone coverage on the hill – which is great for any other time in life except for the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. There is still a ton of snow up there, as a matter of fact they have received a foot in the last three days (May is actually one of the snowiest months in Colorado). I was saddened to have to take my mug from the bar – just in case I don’t make it up there anymore. This year, four of us were first timers in the mug club…you have to get them on opening day, and they sold out in 3 hours. It’s nothing super fancy, but we did get discounted beer all year long and a mug at the end of the season. mmmmm, beer. Pictures are taken on Loveland Pass looking north at Cathedral Peak.

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