27 Dresses

As the movie reviews are now rolling in one per day, here is the latest. This afternoon amidst the rain and clouds, we watched suffered through the movie 27 Dresses. It didn’t take long to realize that we were about to completely waist the next 2 hours of our life, but it was like watching a train crash and we couldn’t hit the stop button. If you are looking for a study in bad acting, bad directing, bad writing, bad music, and a bad storyline; this is the movie for you. Otherwise, stay away from it like it would suck your brain dry – which is exactly what it does for 120 minutes.  This is the sort of debacle that you will end up watching on a Tuesday night three years from now on Lifetime because you have seen The Matrix six straight nights on TNT.

PS: Still nothing major with the baby. 


  1. What?? You didn’t love the karaoke scene? Or the slideshow for her sister??

    Well, one you could love in Son of Rambow, which I just saw with Johnson last night. It was tops, and I highly recommend it. loveyoumeanit

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