Hacking Democracy

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. This is one of the most disturbing films that I have ever seen.

The movie is a documentary that follows a grandmother out of the Seattle area as she tries to find out more about the electronic voting process. It reveals extremely disturbing facts and scenarios; as well as cover-ups and voter fraud all over the nation. The movie does not address who does any of the hacking, but there are several examples of who is the beneficiary….let’s just say that there is a hot place waiting for DoubleU. Don’t worry, there is an example of an election that benefitted the Democrats as well. Extremely scary movie that should send all of us to our local election officials demanding a change in ballot tabulation.

Watch this movie ASAP. 

Oh yea, nothing to report with the baby.

Click here for a You Tube link to the movie in 9 parts if you don’t want to rent it

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