The Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday morning during the summer months there is a farmer’s market in downtown Castle Rock. It’s not anything great, but there are a few vendors there that are offering some good stuff. We went down yesterday morning and picked up some green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, and homemade salsa. We brought a little coffee from home and wandered a trail adjacent to the market for a while after shopping…it felt very good to be out and about, purchasing local merchandise and enjoying the cooler weather (that lasted one day, back into the 90’s today). 

After the market, we went and purchased some more flowers for the front yard which Ahna then planted. In the afternoon, Ahna headed over to a get-together at Mary Polidoro’s house and met up with some friends for a couple of hours. Finally, last evening my Mom came over and we ate some leftovers from a previous party, and I fried up some of the zucchini from the morning. 

Since I had a reaction to the last part of the tattoo that I got, I got some advice from a doctor for this part: take Benedryl Anti-Allergy for a couple of days before and a few days after. So far it has worked great, as there has been very little swelling at all. The tattoo feels pretty good most of the time (except for when the cat rubs against my leg, or I stand in the shower – then it feels like a sunburn). Anyway, to the point, for the third night in a row (me first, then Ahna, then me last night – blaming it on the drugs) someone has fallen asleep on the couch for a couple of hours in the night. I awoke at 3am after sleeping there for 4 hours, having thought that only a few minutes had passed. It obviously was good sleep and needed sleep, so I’m not complaining…only wishing that I was upstairs sleeping with Ahna and Ezra. It’s a good goal for tonight. 

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