Happy Birthday Savta, Joel!

So Sept 12 is Ezra’s Savta’s (hebrew for grandmother) birthday, and Sept 13 is my cousin Joel’s birthday. Since I had to work on the 12th, we all met for breakfast on the morning of the 13th to celebrate. It was a nice time with everyone and the first time that Jenn had seen Ezra in several months. After breakfast we headed home for a little cake that Ahna had made for Mom and did the classic candle celebration there. 

Ahna, Ezra and I hung around for the better part of the afternoon…well really Ezra and I slept and Ahna hung out. In the evening we went up to Sears and purchased a new washer and dryer. It’s not that ours is terrible, but with the addition of the cloth diapers and Ezra’s clothes, we are doing at least one load of laundry per day…and the appeal of using less energy and less water to accomplish clean clothes was very appealing. We are going to get them delivered in about two weeks, so more on them later.

When I downloaded the pictures from yesterday, I found some from earlier in the week of Ezra playing with a cube. He has figured out how to hold it for a short duration of time as well as how to put at least some of it in his mouth. 

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