Continuing The Theme

70% less energy use. 65% less water use. 

The new washer and dryer are in and have already been put to work. Ahna spent a large portion of her free time yesterday cleaning up and organizing into baskets the laundry area…and it looks great. See, in order to get the new appliances, we had to remove the bi-fold closet doors that used to enclose the older washer and dryer set. Due to the size of the front-loaders, we decided to remove the doors…thus ensuring the need to organize and keep clean the appearance of the closet. It sits right off of our kitchen and next to the primary restroom for guests, so people will see it. No big deal, that’s why we got black. Ahna and I moved out the old washer and dryer and placed them on Craigslist for sale. We then installed a new gas line, new burst-proof washer lines, and cleaned out the area underneath the units (somewhat surprising how much stuff gets back/under there. I suppose that you should move the appliances every once in a while to clean: like more often than a few years). The delivery guys showed up and installed the new stuff. We were expecting better cleaning, drying, less detergent, less gas, etc…but what surprised us was the difference in sound: a ton less; which is nice when you don’t have doors. 


  1. Congratulations – I was thinking maybe you want me to come down and try out the new machines. I think I will have some laundry in a couple weeks. “/

    You know – it probably would shrink up your kitchen, but you could pu a little door between the kitchen and the hall. Even one of those swinging saloon partial doors. You know me, anything to get away with not having to keep the place looking tidy!

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