Shana Tova!

Shana Tova means “Happy New Year” in hebrew…and as we celebrate Rosh Hashanah this season with Ezra for the first time, we are reminded of how great of a year it has been. Since I had to work yesterday, we went to services on Monday night up at Hudson Gardens. We have been attending services with an informal community serviced through Judaism Your Way for the past couple of years, and have really enjoyed the perspective and inclusivity that we gain with them. 

This year we continued a new tradition for our family (done once before, about 4 years ago) and went out for an Italian dinner on the first evening of the holiday. Don’t ask where it came from, because I don’t know…but several years ago my aunt Rena was visiting from Israel and we did it then. So Monday night we continued it as a larger family…with more visitors from Israel. Two of my Mom’s cousins are in town from Israel for this week while they are on vacation together, so we all went to dinner and the service. 

During the next week or so we are supposed to start reflecting upon the last year and all of the good and bad that we have done. The week ends with Yom Kippur next Thursday, and before then we are supposed to ask for forgiveness for anything and everything that we might have done during this past year that didn’t set well with our family and friends. Since I won’t have the time to contact each of you individually (sorry, I know you understand)…we are going to do a modern blog-inspired ‘forgiveness blast.’ So here we go: read the earlier part of this paragraph and hopefully you say ‘okay.’ That’s it. If you are still reading this, I assume that we are cool.

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