Merry Christmas!

Special On The Road Edition: West Salem

Ezra’s first Christmas has come and gone. I know it has only been one day, but it’s weird to think that the next time that we will be doing this, he is going to be 1.5 years old. 

The weather continues to be wintery….it snowed more last night, probably another couple-3 inches, with more precip on the way today. We enjoyed a perfect day yesterday……we woke in the morning and opened the gifts that Santa left for everyone right away. Some folks then went over to church, and the rest of us lounged around the house for a while. Following services, we opened the gifts that we got for each other. All of us really enjoyed having the kids around, playing with each other, and sharing gifts with everyone (Johnathan and Isaac got a Wii Sport, which quickly turned into the family activity of the afternoon. Everyone got up and played something, including boxing, golf, tennis, and bowling. Okay, I admit….it’s pretty darn fun).

As the evening approached, it became a little clearer that Ezra might be coming down with a little sickness. He got really congested and stuffy, and a lot of crap down his throat. Turns out that the evidence quickly turned to reality and conviction, and the night was a long one for all of us. He is acting is normal self this morning, but the sickness is in full force. Hopefully we are able to help him through it during the plane flight. Otherwise…….well, it’s only 2 hours, right?


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