The Best Of 2008, Musically Speaking

For a part of the gift that I gave to Mary for the gift exchange, I made a mix tape (okay, CD) of the best music that I came across in 2008. And since we have the blog thing happening, I figured it was a good place to share it with all of you! Most of the music is here because lyrically it hit the mark (the best of the best: #1, #6, #13, #14). There are two African covers of U2 tunes (#2, #11), some electronic stuff (#16), something close to pop (#7, #12, #15), and some good old fashioned rock-n-roll (#18). Enjoy!

1. Patrick Park: Here We Are

2. Angelique Kidjo: Mysterious Ways

3. Eddie Vedder & Jack Johnson: Constellations

4. The Fratellis: Flathead

5. Mike Doughty: Busting Up A Starbucks

6. Kimya Dawson: Loose Lips

7. Coldplay: Viva La Vida

8. Au Revoir Simone: Fallen Snow (Redux)

9. The Avett Brothers: In The Curve

10. Adem: Loro

11. Soweto Gospel Choir: Pride (In The Name Of Love)

12. Yael Naim: New Soul

13. Jake Troth: All The Weight Of God

14. Flobots: Handlebars

15. M.I.A.: Paper Planes

16. Nine Inch Nails: Echoplex

17. Goldfrapp: Ooh La La

18. The Raconteurs: Salute Your Solution


  1. Yup, It’s a great disk! Thanks Oren πŸ™‚

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