It’s A New Day

And a new way. Of thinking, of being, of acting. We have broken the mold of idiocy in the White House and found a path to greatness (hopefully). Well, at least we have found our way to someone who can speak better than a third grader. 

How exciting was that?! I think that in the evening when Ahna and I said ‘President Obama’ for the first time, there was a little bit of emotion to go along with it. I’m not admitting to tearing up – that would just be silly. And I don’t admit to silly stuff here. Ahna and I truly feel an inspiration for the country that I think has been absent for some time. We’re proud of us all. 

Ahna had to teach yesterday, but was able (mostly) to have the kids watch the inauguration. They first tried the web, but there were so many people that the connection was too slow. Then they met up with some other classes to watch it on TV….when during the speech (!) the cable went out. At least we had it recording at home, so she was able to watch the speech in it’s entirety last night. 

I had the opportunity to go to the department’s annual retreat yesterday. They select two members from each shift to serve a two year commitment to the retreat….this year, I was asked by my Battalion Chief. It lasts one day, and is an open forum to get on the table anything that we want; it is also the place that we set the department’s goals for the year. Anyhow….I was excited to participate, but was rather upset when I learned that it would be on the day that I have been looking forward to for over 8 years. That all changed when the Chief lead the day off and said that instead of a team-builidng excersice (1999 for you FOC fans), we would watch the swearing-in and the speech. It was great. 

Oh, big props to O’Bama (as the Irish say) for bringing up firefighters in the speech. He knows.

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