Out On The Town

Saturday evening marked the first time that Ahna and I had gone out together for the night since Ezra arrived. Sure, we had spent a few afternoons away for lunch or an errand or two…but never hit the town until the other night. I suppose that ‘hitting the town’ isn’t the right description…..it was the fire department’s 93rd annual awards banquet. We find that it’s always a fun time and we enjoy seeing and spending time with everyone. 

On the drive to the pre-party, Ahna and I discovered that there was a large amount of excitement in anticipation for spending some time together, but that there was the expected large amount of nervous energy towards concern about how Ezra was going to do with my folks. The resulting feeling was like having drank 8 coffees before leaving the house. We promised ourselves that we would try to not worry about Ezra too much and focus on having fun….I mean, what was the worst thing that could happen? He would still be awake when we got home? Turns out it’s easier said than done. 

Overall, I thought that we did a great job of paying attention to each other and not to our concern over Ezra. Of course there were moments. But those seemed fleeting as we reminded ourselves that my folks had our phone numbers as well. We did make an attempt or two to call and check in, but nobody answered their phones…and we didn’t get pushy about it in fear that it might wake Ezra up if we called the home number. 

Turns out everything went fine. Ezra did great: he enjoyed his bath, ate some dinner, and went to sleep. Mom and Dad also did great – making sure that everything got done that needed to get done. We were gone for almost 5 hours when it was all said and done, and had a great time. Ahna and I have already begun making plans for the next time out.


  1. Woo woo!!! Way to go on being so grown up! Glad you’re both healthy enough to be out and about town….did you give me your virus via e-mail?

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