Photo Phun

So I just got home from work and had the opportunity to upload an attempt at something that I have been experimenting with….star trails. This picture was taken last night at 10:30pm at the fire station….it’s amazing how much light is out there, just from the neighborhood and the city. There were absolutely no lights on outside of the station, and the lights in the apparatus bay were on for only 10 seconds, just to give the effect. It was a 20 minute exposure, 18mm, f22, ISO-1000. This is an early attempt at this type of photo, so I expect to be able to do more with this as the summer progresses, especially if we have the opportunity to get out of the city.

PS – the stars are the Orion constellation, oh, and if you click on the picture, it’s a lot better of an image.



  1. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Really interesting! I had no idea that there would be that much light!

  2. You’re so cool, but you’re still a really big dork!

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