The Fifth Day Brings Satisfaction

The morning started just like all of the rest, except this time, Ezra was determined to prove to us that ‘routine’ is anything but routine. He essentially refused to take his morning nap, forcing us to cancel our AM swim and to focus on getting him some shut-eye. Um, that focus didn’t really pay off until early afternoon….but in the between time, we were able to secure our ride to the airport and schedule our check-out time with the resort.

After lunch and the okay nap, we hit the beach. Since it was our last day in the water, we wanted to make sure that he spent some decent time in the ocean. Again plans were somewhat stymied when on the way into the water, I was pushed against a rock and hurt my foot. Since it was on the way into the water, there was a little pain to deal with, but Ezra and I decided to stay out for a while.

Just as an FYI for anyone coming this direction: there are rocks on the way out to the waves. It seems as though this was the one thing that NOBODY mentioned to us when they talked about Mexico…they told us about the weather, the food, the airport, the people….but not the rocks. They are in plenty and they are everywhere. Sometimes you can see them as you are walking, but as soon as a wave comes by and carries sand with it, everything disappears. The walk can be completed successfully if done with time and balance on your side, but it is made exponentially harder when balance is taken away…ie: carrying a child through crashing waves.

When I got a chance to look at my foot, it was cut in two places and bruised the size of a silver dollar. The saltwater did it’s job and made it hurt really badly for a short amount of time, and now the cuts don’t hurt that much…only the bruise. The real bummer part is that the injury is located exactly where the strap on my flip-flop lands on my foot….therefore making them unavailable. I suppose that it’s good that this happened on the last day, so I don’t have to go closed-toe for too long. Ah, the trials and tribulations of beach going (fyi, this marks the third time that I have drawn blood on a rock in the ocean….and the other two have left scars….once in the Mediterranean, once in the Red Sea, and now in the Gulf).

For dinner we opted out of our reservation at the Japanese restaurant and instead headed for the dinner buffet. We decided on more noise, food at our pace, and the ability to wear shorts. All of it was as planned, and dinner was a much more stress free environment than earlier in the week.

They have a rule here that if you are going to one of the sit-down-and-order restaurants, men have to wear pants, close-toed shoes, and a collared shirt with sleeves (women are left to their own vices). The brochure says that this is ‘to respect all cultures that come to our resort’…but I think it’s a load of junk….because that ‘respect’ doesn’t show up between the hours of 7am and 6pm when people are wearing all sorts of stuff that disrespects all sorts of things. Anyhow, long story longer, we were glad not to be under the oppression of silly rules for dinner.

Some pictures from our final day at the resort (our last day is a travel day, as our ride comes at 9:50am).



  1. You’re hopefully settling into your fancy seats on the plane right now! No picture of the bruised foot? You’re probably smart to have kept it in the salt water to keep it clean. Anywho…you’re probably already aware that you’ll be needing close toed shoes in Denver – we’re supposed to get snow again tonight. I pray you have a safe journey! loveyoumeanit…

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