Friday Evening Post

Quick note about the snow….Ahna did end up getting some time off today, although it was because school closed early (1:30), not because they stayed ahead of it and closed school this morning. So, we got to spend an extra couple of hours together this afternoon, which always makes being locked into the house more bearable. I think that we are up to about a foot of snow, with heavy stuff still falling. They say that it will end sometime before Saturday evening, so who knows how much more we are going to get.

This storm has done an amazing job of illustrating how elevation plays into snowfall out here. Coming from the east coast, where elevation obviously meant nothing, it was all based on north/south. For storms out here, the higher you are, the more snow: Castle Rock: 12 inches, Parker: 2 inches (according to news reports). Parker is just 10 miles to the north but is about 1,000 feet lower than we are here.

We are all bundled up for the night…



  1. Wowwee! It has been some kind of day. The rain this morning reminded me of home – the snow laughable until about 3:15 or 3:30 pm. Britta & Ryan got us to the airport in their Jeep, so now we get to wait…sound familiar?? Hopefully we make it off with just an hour delay…send your dad’s address when you get a chance. loveyoumeanit…

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