New Phones To EnV

So Ahna and I made the switch to a brighter verizon tonight. Our contract with the previous carrier expired yesterday, and we jumped on the opportunity and went into a full sprint to the store to switch over to a network with better coverage here, as well as more family and friends on it. Whenever we would go down to my parent’s house, we would have to think about where we were at and then remember that we couldn’t make any phone calls with any level of certainty. These phones are our first mobile devices in over two years, so we are finally getting something that is designed with texting in mind.

(Okay, I know that some of that paragraph sounds weird, but I was trying a little hiding game….can you find all of the cell service providers? There are the names of the 4 major carriers embedded in the sentences.)


  1. Welcome to the Verizon family!

  2. Boy are you bored! I can’t promise I’ll be jealous, but maybe you two can show off your new phones tonight. What’s for dinner?

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