30+Hours of Travel Lands You Half Way Around The World


Well, Israel precisely. And that travel time was mostly by design…4 hour plane flight from Denver to New York City, then almost 24 hours in New York City, then 12 hours to Tel Aviv. Actually my math was wrong – that’s more than 40 hours.

We have made plane flights similar in length to the Den-Nyc trip before, so nothing major to report there. We planed a layover in NYC to break up the long trip for Ezra (really for ourselves), and booked a hotel at the airport – by the way, the Fairfield Inn JFK is a really nice place to stay if you ever need a hotel there.

The morning of the 10th, we had planned on going into Manhattan for a while, but after doing some math, realized that we would only get to spend about 45 minutes down there – no worries, we went anyway. We took the subway from the airport all of the way to lower Manhattan and walked to Ground Zero. The subway ride was entertaining, since we started in Queens, went all of the way through Brooklyn, and ended in Manhattan…and the riders of the train seemed to change with each borough.

We were able to walk to the “10 House,” which is the FDNY station that sits literally at the base of the former WTC buildings. While there, we spent some time at the bronze memorial to the fallen FDNY members that lines the side of their firehouse. It was the first time for either of us to be at Ground Zero, and the emotion of the moment was as real as I imagined. I think that it’s almost cliche to say that we were most struck by the size of the emptiness.

After a subway ride back, a short nap for Ezra, and a short trip back to the airport, we met up with Dave and Mary Jo – our travel partners for the trip to Israel. They have not previously had the opportunity to go, and we thought that it would be really cool to experience it with them sometime…so it worked out that this was the trip.

We boarded the plane with little difficulty from security (which is a story from the previous trips on El Al that we will be glad to share with you in person sometime), but with some confusion over Ezra’s seat…which we though had been booked as a separate seat, but turns out that he was listed as a lap child….a lap child for 12 hours overnight….oh boy. We did manage to block out a seat between Ahna and I and we kept our fingers crossed that they didn’t assign someone else to it – it worked, we were able to get on the plane with Ezra’s car seat and were able to keep the seat between us for him.

Ezra fell asleep for the first 45 mintues of the flight, but then awoke for the next three to four hours, during which he absolutely refused to sleep…mostly because there was way too much to look at. He finally fell alseep after the dinner service, and when they turned out the lights, and he stayed asleep for pretty much the rest of the flight (except for the last hour to so).

I got to thinking that airplanes and casinos must have hired the same person for some consultation on the overnight periods….because they both do a great job of setting the environment to be such that you have no concept of time: from the lighting, to the movies, to the services at any hour, it really is hard to know if you should be going to sleep or eating breakfast.

We got into Israel in the middle of the afternoon and were met at the airport by Yuval and Rena. We went back to Rena’s apartment for some rest, then to my grandmother’s  – Savta in Hebrew – apartment for some light dinner. We all retired for the night, and slept for a good 10 hours…we might have beat the jet lag in one night….yea, right….



  1. Glad you got lucky and had that extra seat! Tom & I tried that strategy on our way home from PDX to no avail. I can’t wait to read more stories and see more pictures – have fun!!

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