Coors Field: Behind The Scenes

One of the fellas at work also works for the Colorado Rockies as a clubhouse hand. He has been doing this for 6 years, and prior to having to move to part time to accept the firefighter gig, he would even travel with the team. He set up a behind the scenes tour of Coors Field for the folks from B-Shift, and we headed up for a few hours of dreaming yesterday. We had the opportunity to see the visitors clubhouse, the Rockies’ clubhouse, the batting cages, the equipment room, the workout facility, the rehab area, the Rockies’ dugout, the bullpen, the fountains, etc, etc, etc. Even though they offer tours of Coors Field to the public, needless to say, what we got to see isn’t on the public tours – especially all of the home team stuff. It was freakin’ cool.


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