Cow Pies & Ice Cream

Only one place that I know of where you can find these two items at the same time….your fair…..and we hit our county fair this afternoon. Yup, we found ourselves immersed into the world of pig, rooster, rabbit, funnel cake, tractor pulls, cow herding, sliding, and swinging. It was all a lot of fun (except for the swing….dizzy, and that’s not good on a full stomach), but it was especially fun to see Ezra discovering all of the animals. He took his first merry-go-round ride and was a little skeptical. He rode the slide – twice – and seemed to enjoy that. Ahna and I rode the swings and almost puked. Ahh, a day at the fair. If I could only get that smell out of my nose….



  1. You mean you didn’t get Ezra his first cotton candy? Sounds like a blast…

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