Colorado Balloon Festival

This past Sunday morning we were all able to steal a little time together and head down to Colorado Springs for the annual Colorado Balloon Festival. We got down there early – 630 – for a 7am launch time, but soon realized that due to a fog bank and ‘aloft’ winds that the launch time would be slightly delayed. Luckily for us, it was only delayed about 45 minutes (on Saturday, they never launched) and we were witness to a great show of nearly 80 balloons getting prepped, inflated, and launching. Ezra walked the grounds only saying “oooooo” and “wowwowwow” for a long long time as each balloon appeared seemingly out of nowhere. We were able to meet up with a few other brave folks, some friends that we have through Ahna’s school, that also brought their youngster to the early morning fun. I think that we are going to put this on our calendar for next year…!



  1. Super cool! And I thought you were going to introduce him to turkey legs at the Taste of Colorado – what was I thinking?


  1. […] met up with some good friends and went down, except instead of going in the morning for a launch (click here for the photos and story of the first time – wow, it’s crazy to look at pictures of Ezra at that age), we went in the evening for […]

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