15 Month Appointment

Ezra finally had his 15 month appointment yesterday, a full 5 weeks late, but that’s the way that schedules work sometimes. Ahna took Ezra to the doctor’s office for the appointment and was greeted by an office full of sick children: flu season in full effect. It’s gotten so bad that they have only one exam room that they have kept for ‘well baby’ checks, and they have devoted all of the others to sick children. The appointment went really well and Ezra checked out ‘perfectly’ according to Dr. Sheehan.

Here are the vital statistics: Head: 19″ (75%), Height: 32.25″ (75%), Weight: 23lbs 1 oz (25%).


  1. way to go, ezra! And good work, mom and dad! Have a safe trip. Give a hug to your momma for me….loveyoumeanit…tori

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