A Roof Over Our Heads

Okay, it’s a little more than that.

I have to explain why there has been a relative lack of updates recently. Although there are several reasons for this, most of which we are choosing not to discuss on the blog (don’t worry, we are fine), a primary reason is that we have decided to move. We needed a complete change of scenery, a new vibe, a new lifestyle, and most importantly a larger house. So we are picking up our things and trucking a half mile down the road.

The reason that this has been a hinderance on the updates (other than the obvious need to pack, need to find financing, need to close, etc) is that this has all gone down in the last 4 weeks. From ‘oh, let’s look at that house’ to closing has taken a whopping 3.5 weeks – and that includes the Thanksgiving holiday.

We closed on the new house last Friday and are in the middle of two homes right now. We are slowly packing and getting small stuff moved over to the new space, and will have the help of friends this upcoming Saturday for the big items. This past week we painted the basement and added temporary paper blinds to the house so it’s move-in ready.

The house itself is a brand new place with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a great room, a bonus room, and a 3 car garage (Read: room to grow. Although there are only designs on that for now, nothing solid). We are really looking forward to the space that it will provide Ezra, as well as the ability for us to be able to do things like cook without having us on separate floors. We love the townhome and adore the space, but the layout (3 different floors) is really troublesome and difficult with a child.

So far Ezra loves the new place and is often seen running at full speed all over the place. The first signs of wonder surfaced last night when he went to his bookshelf in his current room – all of the books have been packed but the shelf remains – stared for a moment, turned, then asked “book?” It’ll only be for a couple of days…

We’ll update you as to the progress of the new place as we settle in. If you would like our new address, please send us an e-mail and we’ll get it right over.


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous place! We are so excited for you!

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