Christmas Trip Rewind, Day 3 pt1: The Zoo

Don’t worry, your computer didn’t miss a ‘Day 2’ positing. No photos, no post. We just drove around and took care of last minute stuff anyway – you know, buying gifts and stuff.

A large part of Christmas Eve was spent probably like most of yours: in the kitchen. Ahna, Ezra, and I were able to break away for a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo. We had gone there the last time that we were in Florida (Ezra was 6 months old) and it was really neat to see how much he has grown by marking it against what he was able to do at the zoo. This time Ezra was able to do most of the walking on his own, he fed the giraffes, and touched a few sting rays. He also wandered around the Africa section and enjoyed hanging with the lions and elephants.

There are some really great photos in this batch (as most of the posts….). The big one below was taken from inside the main African enclosure looking back at Ezra, who was looking at the animals from the fence. Don’t ask how I got it, it’s a trade secret.


  1. How fun!! Is that a wombat? I suppose there are other animals similar in shape; I just can’t tell how big it is in the photo.

  2. littlehippie says:

    Not a wombat….much bigger. It’s like the size of a small bear….I can’t remember what it is.

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