Christmas Trip Rewind, Day 4: The 25th

I didn’t know how to categorize this day. It could have been ‘The Travel Day’ or it could have been ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ or it could have been ‘Christmas Day.’ I do know that it was in fact all of the above.

Due to work schedules, we needed to travel back to Colorado on the 25th (which by the way, there are a surprising amount of travelers that use the 25th as an opportunity to go somewhere). The morning was a relaxed chance to spend a few more hours with my Grandparents. We left Jacksonville at noontime and headed down to Orlando via a jam packed interstate system. The airport was filled with people, and the plane was packed to the brim.

The flight was fairly uneventful, but what greeted us in Colorado was anything but. We left Florida in heavy rains and temperatures in the mid-70s. We arrived to Colorado in snow showers and temperatures in the mid-teens. Christmas morning was spent in shorts and a t-shirt, and Christmas night was a ‘White Christmas’ spent in every layer of clothing that we brought along. The car needed to be dug out of 8 inches of snow and the travel home was slow but fairly easy. It snowed for a good portion of the night and into the next morning.

The trip was short but jammed packed with family – and who could ask for more than that? The holiday was different this year for a variety of reasons, but the joy of spending time together was not any different than year’s past. And the topper was being able to spend Christmas night in our own bed, in our new house.

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