Auld Lang Syne

New Year’s Eve tends to be fairly quiet around this household, especially for the past two of them. As a matter of fact, we are fortunate that the East Coast is 2 hours ahead, so we can celebrate by barely keeping our eyes open until the ball drops at 10mst.

We were fortunate enough to celebrate the early part of the evening with good friends Mark, Kendra, and Sydney. We had a good meal and great conversation while we watched Ezra and Sydney play, play, play. It was a perfect ending to an amazing year.

Ezra was in a kissing mood…..and the camera was stored in a rightful spot during most of it. Sorry for the blurriness, that’s what I get for grabbing the camera at the last minute (I mean, seriously, who would have been able to see that coming? There is no need for a ready camera with two cute kids running around, right?).

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