Family Trip To The Zoo

A sunny Sunday morning with nothing on the agenda turned into a sunny Sunday morning navigating through a marathon (literally) on the way to the Denver Zoo. Ezra and I had been there recently (as posted), but Ahna had never been to this zoo with Ezra. As we arrived into the parking lot, Ezra started getting really excited shouting, “animals! lions! tigers! monkeys! animals!” It was a gorgeous morning as we strolled around looking at everything, seemingly just ahead of the massive crowds that were pouring in as we left.

PS – the kiddo has been a little sick recently, as evidenced by the snot-filled nose in the close-up below.


  1. road2emmaus says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip to the zoo! Great fun!! Great pictures!

  2. Ah man! You were that close and could have given me a ride home? Minerva and I finished the half-marathon in about 3:45, and our legs were toast. It was a really long walk home, I mean, as long as it usually it, but it took twice or thrice as long to walk it. Can’t wait to see you again! Safe travels, Oren.

    ps- fantastic pictures! Thomas says, “see – that’s why we asked him!” Can you make him look like the bear?

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