Israel – Quickly

Earlier this year, my Savta had a stroke. It was severe enough that it has left her unable to move anything on her left side, and she is now confined to a wheel chair. At 91 years old, any physical activity is hard, and the mental struggle with the new reality must be extraordinarily rough. I took a brief opening in the calendar and scheduled a very quick trip to Israel, unfortunately without Ahna or Ezra. Only 4 days in Israel on the ground, making for the travel plus the time change difficult.

Without going in detail on the emotional highs and lows, there are always grand moments spent with family – no matter the circumstance. Best of all, was two great visits with Savta where we had strong conversation about all sorts of things, but mostly she wanted to talk about Ezra. I also had the chance to spend some time with the rest of my family in Israel; be it a short lunch or a couple of dinners.

In this post, we share the photos of people.


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