The Rose Garden

We were in the Portland area to go to a friend’s wedding (yea Tori!), and just before heading up to the Mt. Hood neighborhood, we jetted downtown to the Rose Garden. Oh, prior to that we went into the downtown business district for a quick stop at Powell’s (love it) and to grab some food from some street vendors. They have the most amazing street food selection I have ever seen: in one block….Greek, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Southern, American…and I’m sure that I am forgetting something. Back to the Rose Garden: I had a fisheye lens with me on the trip – more on that in another post – so a lot of the photos posted below are using that lens; partly to experiment, and partly to have fun since I don’t carry one most days. It was a beautiful day to be hanging out, luckily we were there in the morning since the rain predictably hit in the afternoon.

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