July 5th Fireworks

Last night brought a good dinner with friends and a lot of rain….so much in fact, that between the lightning and thunder and tornado watches, the town decided to postpone the fireworks show till tonight. Since we weren’t geared up for a display tonight – no friends to drink the night away with and Ezra fast asleep – Ahna and I resorted to finding a different way to watch the show.

We packed up our camera, chairs, and each other, left Ezra behind sleeping in his room….and walked upstairs. All of the way up 16 steps and into the playroom. Our concerns about leaving Ezra to sleep while we watched the fireworks were quickly put to rest when we realized that we were (as the crow flies) 7 feet and 2 sheets of drywall away.

The town’s display this year was “a low-flying fireworks show” launched from a park just across the interstate from the house. As you can see from the pictures, Ahna and I actually had a great seat for the presentation (and now hope that they launch from that site as long as we live at this house), and remarkably Ezra slept through the entire 25 minutes.

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