Kid’s Coulee

It’s not too often that a single event during a single day is cool/important/different/fun enough to earn a post all by itself. Ok, maybe that’s not entirely true since almost every post on this blog is about that exactly…but the trip to a park in La Crosse and the morning spent at the Kid’s Coulee was pretty cool.

As you can see from the photos, the Kid’s Coulee is a GIGANTIC playground. Unlike one that I have ever seen before. It’s super fun and super easy to loose your kids inside of. Hours and hours could potentially disappear into thin air spent at this place. For a minute I will digress and attempt to explain what a coulee is for those of you reading this not from the midwest. A coulee is a mysterious natural phenomenon that as far as I can tell only occurs in the La Crosse area. It’s smaller than a mountain but larger than a valley…because we have words to describe those. At one point, I believed that it was the word for all of the hills (called bluffs here). Now, I believe that it means something similar to, but different from a valley. Who knows (even Wikipedia is confused as to it’s meaning). However, when it it placed on a wooden sign after the word ‘kid’s’ and put in front of a huge playground, it means: coolest park this side of the Mississippi.

The larger park that houses the playground is also home to an education center that has many things for kids to do including learning about animals, feeling animal fur, looking out into the marshland, and observing a hive of bees (the hive is actually located indoors – which is nice on a super hot July day – with an access tube to the outside for the bees to crawl through).

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