Home Improvement Pt. 2

The second major project completed recently was the installation of window shades. It’s been an ongoing event since we moved into the house – choosing the type, color, quality, cost, etc. Officially, we were super sick of the temp shades that we had up…and they really limited how much we opened and closed them. Consequently, the permanent ones have been great for two reasons. The first reason was just eluded to: we open them a lot more frequently and thus get a lot more natural light into the house. The second reason that we love these is due to their insulating power. It’s a noticeable and marked difference in the amount of heat that comes through the windows that are in the direct sunlight when the shades are down. Here’s to more sunlight and less cooling costs!

PS – it’s hard to figure out how to show off the new shades in photo form, so the first photo is my effort. I also decided to grab a couple of other shots of the house while I was outside.

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