Castle Rock Monsoon

What the heck was that?! Almost 2 inches of rain in 45 minutes. 50 mph winds. Small hail. Street flooding. Building flooding. Car accidents. Tons of lightning.

I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I had the joy of it happening while I was at the fire station. The department did 17 runs in 3 hours….we did our share of time in the rain. The photos are from the inside of the apparatus bays at the firehouse – in the #2 photo, that’s inside the bay….the line is the mark where the garage door comes down. The video is shot directly outside of the back of the station and is at normal speed (looks similar to a Weather Channel report from a hurricane).


  1. Crazy? I dunno…we seem to be getting storms like that a lot, driving rain that Pop says isn’t common. I wonder if that storm was moving south because it didn’t hit here until about 8 pm. The thunder shook the house and flickered the power, but the lightning actually hit our nearest neighbor.

    Maybe you can come down and take pictures sometime because I haven’t managed to capture the weather quite like you can!

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