Home Improvement Pt. 4

A little storage hack….and a way to get our car-top box out of the way when it isn’t on the car itself. The other really cool part? When I want to put it on one of the cars, it will lower right onto the rack system with the car parked underneath it.

It’s pretty simple and took me about an hour to get it all installed and done. Things you need: a garage, a car, a car-top box, 2 x 10′ pieces of rope, 2 x carabiners, and a bike storage kit from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Total cost of the project (not including the car or car-top box) is right at $30.00.


  1. road2emmaus says:

    That is cool and so handy for you! I bet there is a sense of accomplishment without spending a lot of money or time!

  2. Ha ha ha…I love it! Being geeky has its perks, huh? That is a pretty nifty rig you got. Maybe you need to come down and help me unpack. It looks like you might be able to innovate how I am using all my sheds.

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