Aspen Season

Summer is finally officially gone (although the daytime temps around here might disagree) and fall is upon us. For those that aren’t used to a Colorado style autumn…it’s about 8 days and 13 hours long, and has some of the most beautiful leaf changes this side of Maine. The Aspen trees go from a green to a light green to a yellow to a burnt orange to the ground.

The trick is trying to time your open schedule with the few days that the Aspen leaves are featured in their majestic color. This year, we missed by a couple of days, but still managed to see plenty of stunning color on our drive into the mountains. We headed out for Kenosha Pass, a camping/hiking spot about 1.5 hours from the house…and a popular spot for taking in the Aspens. Luckily we arrived early (a good side-effect of Ezra waking early) and beat the monster crowds that had assembled by the time we were leaving.

We spent some time hiking around the area and exploring the trees….which these days mostly consists of hiking as far as Ezra wants, and at his pace – which at times is a full run, and at other times takes 10 minutes to walk 10 feet. We were up there for a little over an hour and enjoyed the cool air, the hiking around, and the beautiful sights.


  1. My goodness…what a beautiful family! I especially love the walking picture and the laughing picture. Fall looks good on all of you. loveyoumeanit

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