Home Improvement Pt. 7

The laundry room is done. At this moment, it appears that it was the last of the major projects to do around the house prior to the arrival of the baby. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of things that we would like to do….but at this point, none of them are big-time time consumers, nor are they big-time life influencers.

The laundry room was two parts: 1 – build a lift for the washer/dryer. 2 – replace the particle board shelf that came with the house with some cabinetry for better and cleaner storage options. The lift for the laundry machines was a simple framed out 2×6 box with hardwood plywood on top. We painted it black to match the machines and topped it with stick-on linoleum tiles to give it a good surface. The cabinets were off-the-shelf models from Home Depot, and to our moderate surprise, they fit like a glove. You wouldn’t know that they weren’t custom fit for the space.

The whole project took the length of the day, but it was a lot of fun working with my Dad to get it all done. The room was already put to the test last night with a couple loads of laundry…..and it performed to rave reviews.

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