Baby Countdown: T-Minus 8 Days

Welcome to a new daily feature that I am hoping won’t last more than a few days. The countdown is till the anticipated due date of December 17, and despite all of the advice out there to pay as little attention to that date (as it is just a guess), I have decided to go the entire opposite direction and focus entirely way too much on it. Besides, it gives me something to do other than wait.

So, today’s baby preparation event was the installation of the infant seat in the Highlander (the Subaru is at work with Ahna so I will get it’s base installed later tonight). Say goodbye to any backseat easy storage for us and say hello to a new neighbor for Ezra! It certainly looks a little strange – about as much as it did when we installed it for Ezra. I suppose that each of these prep events will ease our minds a little as we try to get everything ready; but this one at least allows us to get the baby home from the hospital….a welcome thing.

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