Baby Countdown: T-Minus 3 Days

Today’s activity? An exercise in patience. We wait. We anticipate. We wonder. I remember from Ezra that this was the hardest part…and it still is, but this time we actually have something to focus on instead of simply always waiting. Still, that doesn’t ease the nerves or settle the mind. Every time my phone rings, I think “is this the call?” Every time that we plan on doing something, I wonder “will we make it through?” Every time we go somewhere, I think “what’s the quickest way to get Ezra to Saba and Savta’s house, get our bag, and get to the hospital?” Every night that comes, I prepare for being woken up. But it hasn’t come yet, and I suppose that all of the mental games that you play with yourself will pay off when the actual event occurs. Till then, we just wait.

The photo is of the day-by-day journal of a baby’s development from inception to birth. It always strikes me at the beginning  (how many pages are still to turn) and at the end (holy cow, we turned all those pages).

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