Liam’s Baptism

note: this was written on Sunday morning, the baptism occurred on Saturday evening

It’s interesting how closely the emotions of happiness and sadness can exist. Just after dinner last night, all four of Liam’s grandparents and his older brother came back up to the room to be witness to his baptism. Dave lead the ceremony that was simultaneously video recorded and video chatted to the rest of the immediate family.

There has been a baptismal dress that has been in the family for nearly 100 years – since Bestemor (Liam and Ezra’s Great-Grandmother) was baptized in it 98 years ago. Each of the kids since then, including Ezra and all of their cousins, have worn it during their baptisms; so when we were thinking about getting it done last night there was no question on our wishes to have it here. Only one hiccup. It resides at Bestemor’s house in northern Iowa, and that’s not exactly on anyone’s route to anywhere. But our wishes to have the dress were granted when Aunt Ruth volunteered without hesitation to drive a couple of hours to bring the dress to Dave on his way to the airport. They met up yesterday late-morning and Dave was able to bring it with him yesterday afternoon.

For the ceremony itself, Dave led a very good and appropriate service. Each of us ran the gamut of emotion, from joy to sadness to joy to sadness to satisfaction that Liam was able to be baptized. Ezra also stood (literally on a chair next to Liam) witness and did an amazing job of being patient and attentive during the service. Since Liam has all of the tubes, lines, cables, etc affixed to him we were limited to laying the dress over him for the duration of the service. Amazingly, Liam didn’t set off any alarms and no medications ran out during the 15 minutes of the service (which is actually a long time for neither of those things to happen). Outside of the obvious differences that doing a baptism in a hospital presents, the only other big change is that we were not able to light a candle – because of all of the oxygen in this place.

We are so thankful that Liam was able to be baptized as a child of God and it to be witnessed and experienced by our families….made even more special by the fact that it was done on Christmas day. It is our intention to introduce Liam to the other half of his religious life via a Jewish naming ceremony when the opportunity presents itself.


  1. How beautiful to share the tradition of the baptismal gown, and how wonderful that the extended family was able and willing to help get the precious gown to you here in Colorado. By the looks of it, a beautiful baptism with much love. Blessings

  2. Katy Gibbs says:

    How very special to have the baptism on Christmas and wonderful that you could get every grandparent in for it. We also have a traditional baptismal gown that I was proud to use for Davey. Much love to you Liam on your baptism. You are now a baptised child of God, but we already knew you were wonderful before that.

  3. Love to all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers every waking moment — and the thoughts and prayers of so very many people — at St. Paul, in my family, in Mike’s family, in our Argentine family — and in the hearts and minds of people whom you’ll never know or meet — people who only know that it is good to surround others in their time of trial with compassionate thoughts and fervent prayer.


  1. […] practicing member in both the Lutheran faith and the Jewish faith. Almost 10 days ago Liam had is baptism; and last night Liam had a naming […]

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