Okay, I couldn’t come up with a good name for this posting, so you get a question mark….which if we were to probably over analyze it would take on a deeper meaning – but we won’t do that.

Liam has had an up and down 36 hours or so….he continues to have difficulty breathing, and at times it’s a lot worse than others. Yesterday, for example, he needed suctioning in excess of 10 times throughout the course of the day; but today he has been able to mostly manage on his own – as long as we are putting him in a position that he likes. Late last night then again early this morning, indications point to the fact that he might have had a couple of seizures – the first ones that we have been able to outwardly see. It’s likely that his seizures never really stopped, but we aren’t certain on that since the EEG was removed. One of the pluses for us over the past bunch of hours has been that as the swelling as gone down, he is tending to open his eyes more. The doctors tell us that they are still not seeing any indications of brain activity other than things that generate in the brain stem…but even as such, it’s good to see his eyes every now and then.

As the back-and-forth of attempting to be parents to kids in two different locations goes, we spent the morning at home with Ezra. It’s interesting how the things that are often considered mundane take on a new life of needed normalcy in times like this. For example, the other night we took down our Christmas tree and decorations, and today we cleaned up our bedroom…and while these wouldn’t be worth getting excited about normally, it has felt really good for us to be able to do them. As he has been throughout these past two weeks, Ezra continues to be the most amazing therapy we could ask for. We really enjoyed the opportunity to play with him this morning and there are moments as we wrestle on the floor or hide from dinosaurs that all of the pain goes away.

When we returned to the hospital, we were greeted by an amazing site of Liam snuggled with the teddy bear that Ezra gifted to him. Liam’s nurse today (one of our favorites) has always done a great job of taking care of Liam, and it is because of people like her that we have felt comfortable spending time at home.

For some reason I feel obligated to come up with some sort of closing/summary sentence to wrap up this post; but same as the subject I am at a loss. So here is the substitute: So long Brett Favre, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


  1. What a full day for Liam and Ezra – the grandparent pics are beautiful! I am glad you got to spend some time in the ‘Rock. You’re welcome to come clean and tidy in Miami if it will distract you?!?!

  2. Andrea Davis says:

    I am so happy you can get a little bit of Ezra therapy to help you through rough times. I cannot imagine how hard it has been on him and on the two of you. I will send comforting and strengthening thoughts your way and, like so many others I am sure, I will extend my offer to help in any way I can while your life is in this strange state of being.
    Much love to all of you.

  3. i concur. dont let the door hit you on the way out… How ’bout them PACKERS!! And the Seahawks, what was up with that? Anyways, I digress.
    btw… the pics of the Grandparents and Liam are precious. I am so happy that your family is there for you.

    • Christi J says:

      Being at a loss for words, doesn’t seem to be one little bit strange! Continue to take joy in the simple gifts and treasure each moment of happiness headed your way! Don’t let the dinosaurs get you! Hugs all around.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m reading your posts with wet eyes, wish we could hug you so tight it sqeezes out some of the pain.
    love from all of us
    Daphna and Gil

  5. Oren and Ahna,
    As I write this first “post”, I’m simply awed by the simple beauty of Liam as his precious hands touch the soft bear, as he rests undisturbed as a little prince on the laps of his grandparents, and as he presses his wee little cheek to you as you hold him. Thank you for the gift of your writing that so effectively shares Liam–and you–with all of us. Bless you.
    My closing note: I’m old enough that I didn’t know any of the artists on your top ten list…. 🙂

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