FAQs: Part 2

How’s the drive?

Some days are better than others. The fact of the drive are this: it’s right at 30 miles, 28 of which are interstate – and no matter how fast you drive or how little traffic there is, it will still somehow take you no less than 30 minutes. For those that don’t live in the area, Children’s sits just off of 225 and we have to essentially drive the entire 12 mile length of this disaster of a highway to get to and from home. It’s no bigger than 4 lanes for most of it, and most of that section has construction going on. That means that if there is the slightest cross wind, traffic comes to a screeching halt. It also means that we do our absolute best in planning our trips home for non-volume times. Snowfall has met us twice since we have been here, but it really hasn’t hindered our ability to get back and forth too much. A little secret to close this answer: if you are staying here at the hospital overnight in the winter, or just visiting on really cold days, park underground in the garage. We started doing it during the last cold snap, and found that the lack of exposure to open air – along with some geothermal warming properties – keep the temps down there at least 10-20 degrees warmer that what is happening outside. Now that we said that, don’t everyone come at once and take our spots.


Yes, sometimes. Okay, we try for everyday but there might have been one or three that snuck by without it getting done. We have been enjoying the opportunities to use our own shower at home when we go, but on the times that we need to use one here there are a couple available. They are shared (not gang) meaning that it’s first come first served to the shower rooms. They are plenty utilitarian and do the job; but I would never design one that way given the chance (example: as with any medical-style zero entry shower I have seen, water gets everywhere).

Do you get sick on those elevators?

So this isn’t a question that we normally get from our friends or family, but we have heard it a lot on the rides up and down from the fourth floor. The centerpiece to the main atrium are these glass elevators that seem to travel as though we needed to get to the 80th floor in 10 seconds or less – the problem being that they only go four floors. I don’t have any problem with them, Ahna just ignores looking outside, and Ezra loves them. But I can tell you that there is a large percentage of patients and visitors that can’t stand riding them and find it difficult to use them without feeling sick. Interestingly, there is a bank of enclosed elevators just about 50 feet away that people don’t seem to know are there and would most likely alleviate all of the fears.


  1. This elevator could fill in for a Disneyland “north” ride, except you don’t have to pay. God Bless you all.

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