Wait, It’s The Weekend Already?

Well, I thought about it yesterday then again this morning, and I decided that at the very least a medical (of sorts) update was needed.

Things continue to move very slowly, so it isn’t going to sound a whole lot different from the last one. We have yet again changed some medicine that he is receiving, and we continue to chase the elusiveness that defines getting him settled and comfortable. The new medicine does make him a bit sleepier, but does still allow for much awake time and interactivity. One thing that has been happening for a few weeks – and hasn’t been discussed here – is that he has moments of dyspnea. They come and go as they please, and they are normally pretty short lived. They also seem to happen when he is either falling into a deeper sleep or when he is waking up from that same sleep, and are identified only by the alarm sounding on the monitor (this is also partially attributable to him being a full-term baby and therefore having a lower resting respiratory rate). This has been a continuing source of much attention, and all of us are keeping a close eye on it.

This morning marks the eight week point of our stay here. Don’t know why that seems more significant than say the six week mark, but it does. I often think back to the first night and day that Liam and I were here (Ahna still at the other hospital) and to the estimated stay in the NICU to be in the neighborhood of two weeks. Obviously, nobody knew at that moment what we know now – and even though it’s the same life, it feels like a completely different one. Eight weeks is a long time and all of that time suggests that what is sustained is also fleeting. We are thankful for everything and everyone that we have in our lives.


  1. Eights weeks is indeed a long time, yet can be a “blink of an eye” at the same time…. thank you as always for the gift of your shared thoughts, Oren…

  2. Was the weekend…didn’t miss much! I pray you all have a day filled with love tomorrow!

  3. I miss you guys! Like Tori, I hope you are feeling the love tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you!

  4. katy gibbs says:

    eight weeks is a long amount of time especially when you have a great life that you want to be enjoying (and bringing liam along with you). i hope liam is well enough to get out of there soon. lot of LOVE to you on this valentines.

  5. Denise Lake says:

    I was working the Home Show this weekend, and an adorable little boy ran past me I had to do a double take. It was Ezra, with Gary, Ronnie and Ahna’s mom. So nice to see them. Thinking and praying for you daily.

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