Jonathan and Liam

As we sit here and grieve a new loss, we are reminded of another that occurred 11 years ago today. There are no explanations that this universe holds that would make us understand why these two losses had to happen so close to each other; but I have to think that as sure as the sun rose this morning, Uncle Jonathan and Nephew Liam held each other in tight embrace.


  1. Joy Burroughs says:


    I haven’t written – but feel so much like I know you & Ahna & Ezra through your blog. I’m a friend of your mom’s through work – she is such a precious & wonderful friend! I remember you at your brother’s funeral & am so sad to hear about little Liam. I’ve been praying for his healing, but also accepting of whatever the Lord’s will is for him so that he doesn’t have to suffer here in this world. And now to think of Liam laughing & enjoying the presence of his Maker – God himself – what a comfort & blessing!

    You have been a huge blessing to me & to my family in helping me realize what a treasure & blessing each & every day is & the moments I have with my kids- making the most of every minute of every day. You & Ahna have been such an incredible example of true dedication & making the most of every day. Thanks so much for all you have done for me during these past few months. You have no idea what an impact you have made & my prayer for you guys is that the Lord showers down more blessings on you than you could ever imagine like he did with Job after all was stripped away and Job said – the Lord gives & takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. God loves you so much & wants you to trust Him even in the midst of this storm. Love you guys.

  2. Never Forgotten

  3. I was thinking that there was a very special angel in heaven waiting with open arms for Liam. I had no idea that it was the anniversary of your brother’s passing also.

  4. Oren, that was among my first thoughts…. there has to be some kind of message, some kind of peace that your brother and Liam are together somehow…. in tragedy a bittersweet comfort…. you’re so right, there is no explanation…special hugs to you and your parents and family…
    Jan Onieal

  5. Oren,

    I have had this in my calendar since you and I started working together…it is a reminder to me that life is short and sometimes shorter than we expect..

    I hold you, Ahna, Ezra and Liam in my heart today!! May you all find peace in all of this!! Their souls and energy is among you guys at all times.

  6. O,
    As soon as I heard the news about Liam, I thought about Jonathan and remember his passing being in the same month. I just didnt realize how close. I know it’s been years since I last saw you, but you were always a great friend and my heart breaks for you, Ahna and Ezra. I believe God has a plan for everyone, even though we don’t fully understand his plan, we have to trust that he knows what he is doing. Your family has endured some major tragedies, but I know that you will persevere! You’re a strong man and I can only imagine that Ahna is just as srong if not stronger. Find comfort in each other and in knowing that Liam and Johnathan are looking down on you all and looking out for each other in heaven! Hugs to you, your family, your parents and everyone else who Liam’s beautiful face and story has touched.

  7. Oren,

    It’s been, what, a million years since I stayed with you and Jonathan when your folks went out of town once? And I lost the battle with the leaf blower, but that’s neither here nor there.

    I’m so sorry for your losses – Jonathan and Liam. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  8. Remembering. The days with you,Jonathan and your Dad in Troop 1140. Remembering Jonathan’s smile and laugh. The jokes, ah how I miss that level of joking and grabassing! Remembering the countless campfires we all stared at together. Remembering where I was when I learned of Jonathan’s passing (Winston Salem, NC after a busy night on the medic unit). Remembering Arlington.

    Now, with a heavy heart remembering Liam, his journey, your journey through your words and pictures.

    Wishing you all peace and love.

    Dan, Christine and Riley High

  9. Jonathan…will never be forgotten. I still remember the moment of silence at your wedding and thinking that he was looking down on us at that moment and smiling. I have to think he’s with you through every step of this also and will watch over Liam.

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