Photo Memories

This is the photo booklet that we gave out last night at the reception. We hope that you keep it and look at it when you are missing Liam as much as we are….

If you didn’t get one, just stop by! We have some extra copies that we would love to give out.

Liam Memory Booklet


  1. Beautiful. Peace.

  2. Crystal and Jim Maguire says:

    I can’t help but shed a few tears. That was so beautiful and Little Liam is at such a peace. May God continue to hold you all in his loving embrace.

  3. katy gibbs says:

    thank you for sharing. it is a beautiful tribute to liam. love you guys, katy, toby, davey

  4. So beautiful. My heart breaks all over again. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make the trip to the reception last night, but you were in my heart all day and will continue to be there. I hope that time will help you find peace.

  5. katy gibbs says:

    had to add comments from davey: “him baby liam, him CUTE. look mommy liam, daddy liam” and he was enjoying looking at the photos so much i had to turn the screen off to get him to dinner:)

  6. Beautiful

  7. Sandra Hernandez says:

    That was beautiful and thank you so much. Your “Remember” poem means a lot. Love to all of you.

  8. Marilyn Gnewikow says:

    It’s so nice of you to share these beautiful pictures of little Liam and his family. They are beautiful. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all. You are a lovely family. I think we will all remember that little guy. Such a little doll.

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