Awake My Soul

how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes…

If there has been a soundtrack to this past seven months in our lives, it’s been the music of Mumford and Sons. We’ve spoken of them several times here on the blog, including some lyrics that touched us while in the hospital, a video of Ezra dancing and singing away for Liam, and in the Best of 2010 playlist.

These guys have bookended this time for us in a very physical and emotional way. Back in October, we were privy to a fun experience of seeing a band in a small venue just as they were hitting it a lot bigger…a great concert that came with lots of other feeling: Ahna was 8 months pregnant with Liam and our lives were preparing for an exciting and new time. Our time with Liam was given the beats and rhythm of their music, as we danced and sang our way through baths, visits, and days. We connect with their lyrics in ways that are probably both very similar and very different to a lot of other people.

…where you invest your love, you invest your life…

Recently, we were again given the opportunity to see these guys as they came through Denver, this time at a much larger venue with some really good friends. The show was again a lot of fun and full of a lot of feeling; and as Ahna and I listened to the music we were instantaneously transported to any number of times and places surrounding our time with Liam. As the band broke into the highlight of the night for us – Awake My Soul – we unapologetically let some tears flow…not for the reasons that some preteens might when they see the latest boy-band craze, but because of the actualization of how this music has narrated our current lives.

So as Mumford and Sons will hit the recording studio in a few months to create their second album, we can only hope that the narration that their next record will give us will be a happier story to tell.


  1. Wow! Isn’t music just so powerful?!?! I am glad you were able to go to the show. I have been thinking of you in the past few weeks with the Best of 2010 in my car for my commute. loveyoumeanit…

  2. Andrea Davis says:

    I started listening to Mumford and Sons just before you started talking about them on your blog. I fell in love with their album as well and Awake My Soul is definately my favorite song as it is incredibly powerful. I think of you an Ahna and Liam every time I hear them now, which is often thanks to my ipod. I am happy that you got to see them again and let your emotions connect with the music.

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