The Bills Stop Rolling In

Seven months after Liam received his last medical treatment from the hospital, we have finally gotten the money monkey off of our backs. Countless hours on the phone, on e-mail, bringing paperwork different places, waiting, redirecting, frustration, angst, apathy, and work on our behalf by others have at last gotten us to this point. I verified the final bills show a zero balance this morning…and I don’t know how it’s possible that we still have two cars and a house without health insurance and Medicaid.

As with each small step of finality – even ones that we hope for – there is that furthering of space and touch that comes with them. It’s an interesting paradoxical relationship sometimes. This freedom does allow us to proceed with two very important items still on the ‘to-do’ list….a gravestone, and a donation to the hospital on Liam’s behalf.  Two very difficult things that we have postponed until we knew for certain that we were clear of the bills. One hard door closes, and a new one opens.


  1. I can see thaat you would not qualify for Medicaid. However, you must have had some Hospitalization Insurance through your two employers.

    If you didn’t have some insurance coverage during those two months, then I would suggest that the two of you start giving seminars on proper use of income, Credit Cards, and expenses!!!

    Good job!!!!!!

  2. Wow!! The paperwork is an ordeal unto itself! You know you’re still in our prayers, right? loveyoumeanit….tori

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