One Person’s Snowfall Is Another Person’s Birthday Gift

Can it get much better than a birthday gift of snowfall on Oct 8? Well, obviously it can, but a winter teaser this early in October is pretty tough to beat as birthday weather goes. I had the fortunate opportunity (you can read sarcasm or not) to work over my birthday, which has some pretty clear negatives, but also some unexpected positives. Because I wasn’t with my family on the actual day, the birthday celebrations got spread out a little; and because I was with my firehouse family on the actual day, I got teased a lot….oh, and we got to have some pretty good ice cream via Ahna and Ezra stopping by. There was also a mini-celebration with some close friends that featured (for the first time ever for me) birthday donuts, and a trip to the museum with Ahna and Ezra. Oh, and as far as a gift goes? To find out what I was lucky enough to get, you’ll have to join me out here on the slopes of Arapahoe Basin sometime this winter (ps – season has already started).


  1. Oren,

    BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Don’t suppose you share any of the donuts with shirt-tail relatives ?

    Did you close or change your personal Email? I have tried to send several Emails and I always get back the message….non-deliverable.

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