The Power Of Light

A few months ago, Ahna and Ezra were at a local store looking for a candle holder that we could use throughout the holidays in memory of Liam. Ezra picked out one that he like a lot, and that he thought Liam would like…..turns out that I’m not sure that there could possibly be a more perfect selection.

For dinners and gatherings surrounding the holidays, we would set out (or bring with) the star shaped candle holder and light it – especially during the meal time. It was a nice way to recognize Liam, and it was a way that we could do that while having something that is obvious and present, but not cumbersome. As the holidays came and went, we really felt that this was becoming a well intentioned and impactful part of our lives. For any of us, if we just want to feel like Liam is around, we can light the candle. If we just want to stop and think for a minute, we can light the candle. Needless to say, the candle burns a lot.

We know that ‘he is always with us’ – whatever that exactly means – but there is just something about a star…and a bright burning light…


  1. How beautiful! Good choice, Ezra! loveyoumeanit

  2. A very fitting memorial.

    Our prayers continue…..especially through the next few days!!!

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