Summer Rewind: The Garden

It grew. Some parts did surprisingly well, and some parts didn’t. We had some sort of bug/pest thing get into the green pepper plant, so all of them came out with a brown spot and therefore inedible. The spaghetti squash never came in, the zucchini and summer squash did predictably great, tomatoes did alright (but they are going to move to their own space next year), and the jalapenos did awesome too. We had some Japanese cucumbers in the pre-hail planting, but they didn’t return with everything else after the storm. We didn’t really have to replant but one or two vegetables after they storm, as the rest of them surprised us with their ability to rebound. Ezra had a great time helping the stuff grow, and he was a great participator in their harvest every time – which was one of the primary objectives from the onset.

Two questions for you gardeners out there: do we need to remove the soil before planting next year? what other veggies would be a good idea for that space (probably going with zucchini, summer squash, and jalapenos again)?


  1. hmmm…yummmy! What about beets or chard? I think the rainbow chard is fun because of all the different colors. loveyoumeanit….

  2. Looks like very good production from limited space!!!

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