The whirlwind surrounding Elia’s arrival continued right through the discharge process at the hospital. When the hospital staff approached us and offered that we might be able to go home on the third day, it seemed like a very welcome surprise – as we were expecting to be there for four days. Ahna and Elia were both checking out great, so there was really no medical reason to stay at the hospital….but then I made a doctor appointment for Elia for Friday (had to get in before the weekend), and when they asked how old she was, the speed of what was happening set in a little. I answered that she was going to be three days old when we would take her to the doctor’s office, and I started to wonder if we were making the right decision in going home so quickly. But once you get it in your head that you would be able to leave the hospital, there really isn’t any going back.

Problem #1? Two car seats in the back made it so nobody can sit next to her on the way home. Solution (other than remove a car seat)? Trust. And it works surprisingly well. Elia did great on the car ride (and has on subsequent rides) and we made it home just before dinner on day three. While Ezra met us at the house to welcome Elia home, following dinner he went back down to my parent’s house to give us the chance to settle in for a night before we took on the task of him joining us. The night went predictably well, or predictably bad depending on your perspective, and we have been enjoying the space at home since.

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