Opening Day 2012 – Arapahoe Basin Style

Can opening day for the Colorado ski season really ever be beat? It’s probably my 9th time having the chance to help kick off the season, and it is always such a welcome reintroduction into one of the primary reasons we live in Colorado. Music playing, donuts passed out, media all over, Mickey Mouse skiing with a Sasquatch….you get the point. Oh, and for the sixth consecutive year membership into the 6th Alley Bar mug club was guaranteed before it sold out in 2.5 hours.


  1. In most years, we would be happy to announce that it is November 2nd and we have “no snow on the ground!!! However, it is completely different this year, in that we are in desparate need of moisture!! We had abundant rain in early spring but no fall rains which are needed for spring planting. SOOOOOOOOOOOO, send us some of your snow.

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